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Kids Brushing Teeth

6 ways to get your kids to brush their teeth

Good oral health should begin as early as possible. Teaching your kids proper brushing technique and flossing habits will not only save you money on trips to the dentist, but instill in the a lifelong appreciation for maintaining good oral health. Cavities and tooth decay are preventable through good daily oral hygiene. If you are

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Dental Implant

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Of all the currently available treatment options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer the strongest, longest lasting, and most like a natural tooth option. They can be the most expensive one up front, but offer potential decades worth of value. For many, the slippage of dentures, the removal of healthy tooth tissue to install

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Composite Fillings

Why are white (composite) fillings better than silver (amalgam) fillings?

Getting a filling can be an intimidating experience no matter how comfortable you are at the dentist office. Patients often don’t understand what the difference is between the many options presented by their oral health care provider, and with developing technologies now more than ever there are multiple options when it comes to getting a

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