Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover

Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just a method to improve your smile. There are some massive benefits to the investment of the time and money. While many people think that cosmetic surgery is an extra or not necessary service, here are some reasons from Upland Dental Group & Implant Center on why you should take cosmetic dentistry a little more seriously.

  1. Improve your Oral and Overall Health

    Cosmetic dentistry is not just an aesthetic enhancement, or making superficial or artificial improvements to your smile. Lots of cosmetic procedures also improve your overall dental hygiene. Tooth-colored fillings are a cosmetic choice that also seals and protects a cavity. A metal filling is less than desirable and can often be a softer choice that requires more replacements. Dental Implants are a great option to replace the tooth, and both give you the look of your natural tooth while preventing bone loss and giving you your natural bite back.

    Invisalign or dental bonding can alleviate improper bite alignment which can prevent even more costly measures down the road. Gum lifts can adjust the gum lines to both enhance the look of your smile and prevent food from getting trapped beneath the gums which can reduce the chance for gum disease and cavities. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, tissue damage, and bone loss. A full cosmetic dental overhaul can help increase your overall health as all health begins with the health of the mouth.

  2. Cosmetic Dentistry Will Improve Your Self-Confidence

    A simple change to your smile can have a dramatic impact on your social life. Just imagine what a teeth whitening procedure from Upland Dental Group & Implant Center can do for your self esteem. We’re great at improving our patient’s self esteem and setting them up for great oral health success in the future.

    An aesthetically pleasing smile can open doors you never knew existed. You might find yourself smiling more at meetings and at interviews, leading to more opportunities going your way as you are perceived as being friendlier and kinder. A supervisor could notice the positive change and open more opportunities for you, like a new promotion. Self-confidence is like magic, you can find yourself going from an introvert to an extrovert overnight. People notice a great smile and will be naturally more attracted to you.

  3. You May Improve Your Diet

    A cosmetic procedure could make the act of eating even more enjoyable. By fixing your smile, you might make certain problematic foods, like hard or cold foods, easier to eat. For example, with an overbite or underbite, you might not be able to eat certain types of fruits and veggies as easily. It is also more likely that people will take care of something that they’re proud of. If you’re proud of your smile, it’s easier to maintain a healthier diet and cleaning schedule which helps maintain that brand new smile.

  4. Improve your Speech

    The health of your mouth can be directly related to how well you talk. Often for many patients, dental issues can cause speech impediments. A bite problem, like overbite or underbite, can make speaking harder than it should be. Gaps in teeth can create whistles or lisps. After a Upland Dental Group cosmetic dental procedure, many patients report experiencing easier speaking and eating. Being confident in your smile will likely make you less self conscious, making you better at public speaking.

  5. Healthy Dental Habits Last a Lifetime

    The investment made in a cosmetic treatment can often have wide reaching effects for people, causing them to want to take better care of their teeth. They become more willing to put in the time and effort to protect that investment. Patients who now have the smile they always have wanted are more likely to brush, floss and rinse more regularly.

  6. Save Money

    Cosmetic dentistry might seem an expensive investment at the beginning, but you’re making an important investment in your smile. Having a cosmetic dentist replace old fillings, correct bite alignment problems will prevent costly future dental issues, and end up paying off big time in the long run. Overbites, can often cause jaw stress which lead to stressed, even cracked or broken teeth. Food also won’t get trapped as easily. You’ll also notice fewer cavities during your subsequent visits. As you can imagine, cosmetic dental procedures are interwoven with preventative dentistry.

    Now that we’ve gone over the numerous ways that cosmetic goes beyond simply the physical and superficial, are you starting to think it could be right for you? Contact us today with any questions about our cosmetic dental procedures. Give us a call at (909) 985-1966 to schedule your appointment or to discuss concerns with Upland Dental Group & Implant Center today.