Should I get my Dental Implants in Mexico?

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Should I get my Dental Implants in Mexico?

Getting dental implants in Mexico can seem like a great idea, but it is important to keep certain things in mind, especially considering that you are taking a risk by getting a dental implant surgery in a foreign country.

Medical tourism has become big in the news recently, but do the risks outweigh the benefits? We’ll take a look at some of the things you might encounter when considering getting a dental surgery in Mexico.

How to Prepare

First, you must consider that you will be doing the majority of your research online or over the phone and will likely not be able to visit the dentist one on one to see if they are a good fit for you.

Additionally, your insurance will likely not cover any part of the surgery, so be forewarned about any upfront costs. Be sure to check with the insurance company to see what their policy is toward getting a procedure done in a foreign country.

You should also have enough time to secure your passport, which can take up to three months to process. Also be sure that you have other expenses covered, from room and board to the flight there and any costs associated with your life that may have to still be paid even when in Mexico, such as rent, utilities, pet care, debt or other bills.

Be sure to be up on any vaccinations you might need, and be certain to check any travel advisories for the area you plan to travel to. You don’t want to be caught unaware when traveling to a foreign country.

You should also consider learning Spanish or hiring a translator or bringing somebody who can translate for you that you trust. You will be in a foreign country getting a major surgery done. This means that you will be very vulnerable and in a strange land. Be careful about going alone and without anyone to help you navigate post-surgery.

What to look for in a dentist

First, you are going to have to do the majority if not all of the research online without ever meeting the dentist in person. You should look at the dentists who have been licensed in the United States. They will be able to offer the best quality work and you can be assured that they have gotten quality training.,

You need to carefully vet the dentist to see what institution they trained at and which schools are the ones to look for. Be sure to see if you can find any patient reviews that might be able to tell you a bigger and possibly more honest picture about the services they offer.

You can start with finding recommendations online or if you know of a friend or family member who went to Mexico, that may be a good option to begin exploring your options.

Is it worth it?

Getting Dental Implants in Mexico can sometimes seem like a huge money saver, but consider what hidden costs are there. For one, you are putting yourself at risk for potentially lower quality work from a dentist a pretty far distance away. This is especially important to consider when doing a major surgery like a tooth implant.

Because the implant is permanently fused to your jaw, a poorly set implant can severely impact your recovery time. Additionally, you will have to make more than one trip unless you can afford to stay in mexico during the lengthy recovery period between stages in the surgery,

It may turn out that the total cost of the trip, from airfare to food to the surgery and implant itself may add up to be just as expensive as getting the surgery stateside.

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