Dental Implant Grants

Are there Dental Implant Grants for low-income families or individuals?

Dental implant grants offer a fantastic way to help cover the cost of dental implants. Because the procedure is often classified as a cosmetic surgery, it can be difficult to find enough coverage to make the implant a good option.

Dental implants can often cost several hundred or several thousand dollars, with many factors affecting that program. However, not every pays that out of pocket. There are dental implant grants that can allow you to get much of that cost covered, even without any help from insurance.

What is The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program?

The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program (CDG) can help with the cost of dental implants.  Even tho the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program is not for profit, the participating volunteer dentists pay a fee for every patient they get from the program. This fee goes toward helping the CDG pay for people’s dental implant procedures. With the money gathered from its volunteers, they can run advocacy programs, organize marketing campaigns and help pay the costs of administration.

Even though that the patients that are referred to the dentists may not follow through with the surgery or even become regular patients, the dentists still are committed to helping people get back their beautiful, natural smile and the confidence that comes with that. The CDG also sponsors initiatives to foster good relationships between dentists and their patients.

The CDG is free to apply for anyone who wants to improve their smile, and they regularly give out $1 million in grants each year.

What are the requirements?

Applicants are required to meet certain requirements as set forth by the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program. First, the applicants must prove that they have good enough oral health to be able to support whatever procedure they are asking for. This proof comes when they take an oral assessment by a certified professional who deems them as a good candidate.

After you have taken the assessment and your dentists approves you for dental implants, your dentist will recommend you for the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant and make a treatment plan.

Please keep in mind the following things:

  • You will be responsible for the cost of the x-ray tests
  • You or your insurance will be responsible for the upfront costs of the treatments
  • Afterward, the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants will reimburse the patient for some of the costs.
  • Participating practices are only in California and New York

Can the government help pay for my implant?

The federal government does not hand out individual grants, but they do distribute funds to nonprofits, universities and state agencies that then can distribute it to those in need. So this means that while they government does not have grants for dental implants, they do have programs that can help pay for them. Here are some of those programs:

Dental implants may be tax deductible, which means you can get a portion of the cost back in your tax return because you got the implant surgery. This means you can save money on your state and federal returns. The way you would deduct the expense is through your Schedule A on your taxes.

You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on your dental implants. Just give the card to your dentist. The way that this works is like a loan, you pay your dental implants with the FSA card and then you have 52 weeks to pay back your employer.

Medicaid is one way that many low-income adults can get help with paying for dental implants. It offers medical services to people in every U.S. state, so why not see if you qualify?

Medicaid does not cover all the expenses but can pay for some steps within the process of getting the implant. While this is not as good as getting it covered, at least some of the expense will be covered.

Speak with your dentist to see if they can recommend plans or other options to help you pay for your dental implants.

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