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Upland Dental Group: Upland Dentist

Welcome to Upland Dental Group! We are a full-service dental office in Upland, CA. We specialize in providing preventative care to our patients by employing the latest in dental treatments. We are a family dentist and can offer specialized services to every family member. We strive to be the number one Upland Dentist office.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry treatments to help our patients get long-lasting and beautiful smiles, and we are available for immediate dental needs and emergency dental care. 

Our Town

We are located in the beautiful southern Californian town of Upland. Upland is known for its variety of museums, theatres, and festivals. Every year since 1997, Upland has been host to the Upland Lemon Festival. Each April the town gatherers to celebrate their collective history and the citrus industry. 

There are also a number of points of interest, including Historic Route 66, which can be still seen today on Foothill Boulevard. Upland also has a beautiful historic downtown, made up of 200 merchants providing a variety of shops, breweries, and restaurants. It was incorporated in May of 1906 and had been previously named New Ontario. It is located in the Inland Empire, a metropolitan area directly east of Los Angeles.

Our Team

We have a large team of experts ready to help you out with maintaining your oral health and beautifying or restoring your smile. Our two general care dentists are Dr. Harry Nigoghosian and Dr. Johnny Nigoghosian. 

Dr. Harry Nigoghosian was born and raised in Pasadena, California. He attended the University of Southern California where he received his undergraduate in Biology and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. He then went on to get his doctorate from the USC School of Dentistry.  He graduated top of his class and continues his passion for dentistry by regularly enrolling Continuing Education courses. He likes to watch sports, deep-sea fish, and spend time with his family and friends.

Dr. Johnny Nigoghosian wants to provide the most advanced dental care in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. He was born and raised in Pasadena, California, and also attended USC with his brother, graduating at the top of his class. He is committed to being the best Upland dentist, where he incorporates conventional and modern dental techniques. When not in the office, Dr. Johnny Nigoghosian likes to spend his spare time with his newly-wed wife Aida, and their family and friends.

Our Practice

We are pleased to provide the best dental services in Upland, with a wide array of options for keeping your mouth and smile healthy or restoring your smile. We are pleased to offer these services to our patients:

  • Dental Implants. Used to restore a smile by replacing a missing tooth.
  • Dental Exams and Cleanings. Be sure to visit once every six months for optimal dental health!
  • Digital X-Rays. These are used to monitor your teeth and to get a better view of what is going on beneath the gum.
  • Periodontics. Periodontics means the care for the tissue that surrounds the teeth, including gum disease.
  • Soft Tissue Laser Therapy. This is a therapy to clean the soft tissue surrounding the teeth and destroy harmful bacteria. 
  • Bondings & Fillings. Fillings are used to restore or replace damaged tooth structure, while bondings, hid areas that have faded or discolored, reduce cracked or chipped teeth, and reduce the spaces between teeth or to close gaps.
  • Teeth Whitening. In as little as one visit we are able to improve your smile dramatically. 
  • Invisalign. Invisalign is a custom made liner that is removable and clear, there is no need to wear wires and braces and more.
  • Root Canal. This helps to clean the tooth and restore the surface of the teeth when the soft tissue inside it has died or needs to be removed because it is infected.
  • Emergency Dental Care. This can be because a tooth is cracked or broken, a broken jaw or an adult tooth falling out.
  • Veneers. This cosmetic treatment places a thin, almost see-through porcelain strips to bond to the tooth and give you a glowing glittering smile.
  • And many more!

Why Upland Dental Group is the Best Upland Dentist

Take it from our patients, we are the best dentist in Upland

You won’t find better dentists than Dr. Harry and Dr. Johnny, and I went through a few until I found them. I probably drive them crazy because I’m so scared of dentistry, but they always calm me down and get me through each procedure, the staff is excellent and I would recommend this practice to anyone” – Wendy, Patient

Dr. Harry is a phenomenal dentist. He always exhibits patience like I’ve never seen before. He is also very friendly and accommodating to all his patients. Out of all the dentists I’ve been to, he is the most genuine. That means a lot when someone is working on your teeth! I would highly recommend Dr. Harry and Upland Dental Group.” – Laronda, Patient

“I’ve been attending this dental office for a couple of months now and have had nothing but positive experiences. The dentists are professional, polite, and straightforward. They know their stuff and aren’t condescending when it’s time to explain something. The waiting times are almost non-existent too. Maybe that’s because it’s so serene and peaceful upon each visit. Well maintained dental facility.” – Marilyn, Patient

Contact us today to set up your first appointment. You can also tour our office beforehand online. We are here to answer all your questions.