Everything about Root Canals

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Everything about Root Canals

There is more to your teeth than what you see when you smile. The most important parts lie beneath the surface of the gums. These parts still require us to take excellent care of them to ensure our dental health. Sometimes we need a bit of professional help to do so.

That’s where Upland Dental Group & Implant Center in Upland, California comes in. Their group of expert dentist can help you be well-informed about every aspect of taking care of your teeth. The Upland Dental Group & Implant Center has a wide patient base so you can be confident in our experience. Call (909) 985-1966 to make an appointment today.

Much of dental and oral health comes down to daily practices, so here are some facts about a common procedure that is done to help maintain the health of your tooth’s roots.

What is a Root Canal anyway?

A root canal is a simple, straightforward procedure designed to eliminate inflamed pulp in the tooth. This pulp is often located at the bottom of the tooth’s root. The dentist begins by numbing the site, then making an opening in the top of the tooth so that they can reach the pulp chamber in the root.

Next, specialized tools are used to clean out the infected pulp and to shape the root of the tooth, which is filled when the process is complete. Then the root is irrigated and filled with a permanent filling material. The opening is filled and the procedure is complete.

When should I consider a Root Canal?

When there is an infection present deep in the tooth roots, then a root canal is usually a good idea. This can happen when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected by bacteria, often due to injury or an untreated cavity. Here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Tooth pain ranging from mild to severe
  • Increases sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids
  • Swelling of the gums near the infected site

I hear a Root Canal is painful!

This is untrue for modern root canal procedures. While pain may have been common in decades past, modern dental techniques have made root-canals relatively pain free. Modern anesthetics have rendered root canals no more painful than a cavity. The symptoms of an untreated infection are often more painful than the result.

Speak with your dentist at Upland Dental Group & Implant Center to get an idea of how past patients have experiences the procedure.

Where can I go to find a Root Canal Specialist?

Root canals are very quick procedures, and despite the incorrect reputation for the procedure to be painful, it is designed to prevent future pain and even tooth loss. If you feel like you may need a root canal, speak with a dentist right away. The longer you wait, the more likely the condition will worsen and you will need a more extensive treatment.

Our master team of specialists will be there to help diagnose and treat any pain in your gums, teeth or jaw. Get in contact with us at (909) 985-1966 to schedule a consultation at Upland Dental Group & Implant Center.